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Our Maintenance Process

Your business is an investment and our goal is to honor the operations and profits of your business. Not only are we equipped with experience and knowledge – but we believe in the value of integrity and work ethic. To ensure that maintenance services are not rushed, we have a team of dedicated maintenance technicians that will implement our transparent maintenance program.


Maintenance tech arrives on-site and takes before pictures of everything that will be cleaned/checked.


Technician performs a thorough maintenance and follows a detailed checklist.


Once maintenance is complete, our tech will take after pictures for a comparison to the before pictures.


The pictures, checklists, and report is then uploaded to a shareable location that customers can review at any time.

Commercial HVAC-R Maintenance in Baton Rouge, LA

7 Benefits of Commercial HVAC-R Maintenance

We offer monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual maintenance services. Benefits you can expect from our maintenance services:

  1. Reliable equipment
  2. Food and product safety
  3. Cleanliness
  4. Improved air quality
  5. Longer system lifespan
  6. Lowered energy bills
  7. Decreased carbon footprint
Commercial Maintenance Services Include
  • Filters
  • Clean/inspect coils
  • Clean drain lines
  • Check electrical readings
  • Check refrigerant pressures
  • Check temperature split
Equipment We Service
  • Rooftop units
  • Kitchen exhaust fans
  • Indoor air quality
  • Air purifiers/filtering
  • Automation controls
  • Air volume units
  • Dual duct units


No matter the time of day or night, when you need AC services in Baton Rouge, LA, you should call Thermal Solutions LLC. Our team is dedicated to your comfort. We ensure you have a fully functioning HVAC-R system 24/7. Reach out to us today to schedule your next HVAC repairHVAC replacement, and installation!

Think Cool. Think Thermal.