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AC Services in Baton Rouge, LA

Thermal Solutions LLC Provides Quick AC Services

You can trust the technicians at Thermal Solutions LLC with any AC services your home or office needs. They bring over 100 years of combined experience, the right tools, and a level of professionalism unfound with any other company in Baton Rouge, LA. We can help with any AC repair, maintenance, and even replacement. Our knowledgeable staff is aware and understands all makes and models to find you the perfect fit. Most homeowners and building managers are unaware their unit may be either too big or too small for their space. We ensure your new unit meets all environmentally safe requirements and helps save you money over time.

We help with all HVAC-R services as well. Count on us to deliver stellar services for the heater as well to stay warm in the winter. While this season isn’t as cold as most of the country, it can still get chilly at night and you will be happy you have a working heater. No matter how large your home and how big your office space, our technicians can handle the maintenance, repairs, and installation of your HVAC-R units. Call us today for your needed AC services and more!

Our Residential Services Include

Comfortable AC Services in Baton Rouge, LA

AC Services Help Keep Your Space Comfortable All Year Long

Most of the year in Baton Rouge, LA is very warm. The summer especially can get sweltering, reaching temperatures of 90 degrees on average. You will want to ensure you have a more than adequately working AC unit. Thermal Solutions LLC is here to help get you the AC services needed to keep it running all summer long with no problems. We keep you from sweating out the summer heat in your home and helps your employees stay comfortable while they work. We provide regularly scheduled AC services as well to help in between our visits. Having us come to your home and office before and after the summer months keeps everything working as it should and helps give you a heads up of any AC services needed. We aim to prevent you from having expensive, unexpected AC services required.

Some Signs You Need Thermal Solutions’ AC Services

If you don’t sign up for our regularly scheduled maintenance services, you should at least be aware of some of the signs of distress to look out for and when to call Thermal Solutions LLC for AC services. Some will be more apparent than others, but our professional AC service technicians are here to help you identify the issues and reach out to our team:

Odd Odors

While pushing cool air throughout your home, you shouldn't smell any particular odors. When you start to notice a foul smell after your blower turns on, give Thermal Solutions LLC a call to come and inspect. We get into your ductwork to ensure there are no mold, mildew, or creatures that could be causing the smells and help get you clean, fresh air again in no time.

Ice Formation

Your AC unit handles a very cold fluid called a refrigerant. Over time, this fluid needs to be replaced, or the evaporator coil can begin to freeze. It can also freeze over if there is restricted airflow causing the coil to drop below working temperatures. The condensation created from humidity will build up and turn to ice. Thermal Solutions’ technicians will help discover the reasoning and get it repaired quickly to save you from a premature replacement.

Lack of Cool Air

If your system isn’t giving the cool air you’re expecting, or the air produced is warm, you need the assistance of a professional. Our team pinpoints the issue and develops a plan of action quickly to return cold air within your home and office.

Weak Air Pressure

Have you noticed the airflow weakening from your vents? Does it take much longer to cool down your rooms and offices? Call Thermal Solutions to have our technicians inspect your system and administer our professional AC services to get powerful air flowing through your space.

Spike in Cooling Costs

If your cooling bills have steadily risen over the years, it may be in your best interest and your wallet to have our technicians come out to give it a thorough inspection. Our AC service is unparalleled in the Baton Rouge area. We will get your cooling costs back down to average prices and may be able to save you money by making it more energy-efficient.

Dirty Air Filter

If you have noticed your air filter needs replaced more often than required, which is about every three months, then give us a call. We can see where the issue is and make the necessary repairs and replacements so that you can have cold, clean air blowing from your vents.

Malfunctioning Blower

When you stop feeling air coming through your vents, you need a professional to get you cold air now. The summer months will be miserable without a properly functioning blower. We get to work quickly to discover the issue and deliver quality services.

Non-Responsive Thermostat

When you set the temperature on your thermostat, you expect your home to reach that level of comfort. If your home is not reaching the desired temperature, then it’s time to bring in professionals to inspect your thermostat. There could be issues with the electronic side of it or issues with the AC unit itself. Either way, Thermal Solutions will get to the bottom of it.

Call Thermal Solutions LLC Today for AC Services and More!

No matter the time of day or night, when you need AC services in Baton Rouge, LA, you should call Thermal Solutions LLC. Our team is dedicated to your comfort. We ensure you have a fully functioning HVAC-R system 24/7. Reach out today to schedule your next HVAC repair, HVAC replacement, and installation!

Think Cool. Think Thermal.