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Top-Quality Air Conditioning and Heating Services Near You

Our team at Thermal Solutions LLC provides the Baton Rouge, LA area with reliable and trustworthy heating services for both residential and commercial properties. Our family owned and operated business provides comprehensive air conditioning and heating services to our community, and we have been for over a decade. All our technicians are trained in these services and provide knowledgeable and professional help for your heating needs. If you need a new heating system or HVAC installation in Baton Rouge, LA, we can help.

Upgrade Heating Systems for Baton Rouge, LA Home

Many homes here in Baton Rouge are on the older side. This means that the boilers and heater systems in place may be outdated, need repairs, or need replacement. Homeowners often make the mistake of waiting until an emergency to replace their residential heating system. This can make for an extremely stressful situation. Our technicians can assess your heating system to determine if it may be time to look at replacing your system.

Upgrading your system has many benefits, including saving you money and increasing efficiency. Our HVAC installation services are guaranteed to be quick and affordable as well, so replacing your heating system doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. Our team will take care of everything. We offer comprehensive services for all the most common types of heating systems, including:

HVAC Installation Service in and around Baton Rouge, LA
  • Furnace Installation – We are a proud carrier of the most reliable and convenient furnace brands with a range of sizes, prices, and features. Our experts will help you find the right furnace for you and provide quality heating installation services, as well.
  • Boiler Installation – We provide the most advanced and reliable boiler installation so that you can improve your system and take advantage of high-efficiency. Old boilers can cause you to overspend on bills as the aging boiler tries to keep up with your property’s needs. New boilers are extremely efficient, which means you stop overspending and start saving.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Heating Unit

One of the biggest threats to your heating unit’s efficiency, functionality, longevity, and affordability is improper installation. There are many air conditioner installation companies that prioritize quick work over quality work. Other times, people take central air installation or upgrades into their own hands as a DIY project. Improper installation can lead to many issues down the road, so we highly recommend finding a company of trained professionals that you can trust. When you choose Thermal Solutions to upgrade your heating unit, you will experience many benefits, including:

  • Faster Service – Fast and efficient service is crucial when it comes to HVAC installation. In the colder months, your home can become a very unpleasant or even dangerous place to be without proper heating. Our technicians have years of experience and ensure fast service. Our team even offers 24/7 emergency services for your comfort and convenience.
  • Higher Quality – Another great benefit of hiring our services is you can rely on the fact that you are going to have the best quality installation in Baton Rouge, LA. High quality installation is crucial for your HVAC system to run properly for as long a time as possible.
  • Warranties – Lastly, when you rely on our HVAC services, you benefit from having warranties in place that you can rely on. Smaller or less dedicated air conditioner installation companies will leave you to deal with any issues you have after installation on your own. This is also true if you install your HVAC system as a DIY project. Our team provides comfortable and reliable warranties for all our services. When we install your system, we provide you with warranties that ensure that if you are displeased with the function or performance of your heating system then we will be there to make the proper adjustments quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Thermal Solutions LLC

When you choose Thermal Solutions LLC for your HVAC installation and upgrade needs, you choose a company that will provide high quality service at an affordable price. Finding a company that you can trust and that has plenty of experience in the field is crucial to ensure that your heating solutions are efficient and lasting. Choose our team and you can count on affordable prices, quality products, and expert service.

Call Us to Book a Service

Learn more about HVAC installation in Baton Rouge, LA by contacting us today. Our technicians at Thermal Solutions specialize in heating installation, central air installation, and more.

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