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Baton Rouge & Gonzales Trusts Thermal Solutions for HVAC-R Maintenance

You purchased and installed your heating and cooling equipment, the next responsible thing to do is call Thermal Solutions LLC when you need HVAC-R maintenance services. Our team comes prepared with industry-leading tools and over 100 years of combined knowledge to ensure your system is properly working all throughout the year. Your heating and cooling systems are an investment, and our technicians help protect them by completing preventative services a few times a year. We can also assist in letting you know when your systems on their last legs and when it’s time to start thinking about getting replacements before it becomes a significant issue.

If it does come time to replace, you can still count on the HVAC-R experts at Thermal Solutions to help you find the perfect fit for your home and personal needs. We also install all HVAC-R appliances! We aim to keep Baton Rouge, Gonzales, Prairieville, and beyond as comfortable as possible. We also provide 24/7 emergency HVAC-R services because we understand issues strike when we least expect them to. You can also apply for financing to help keep those unexpected costs down, and your family relaxed in their home. Call today for high-quality HVAC-R maintenance and more!

Energy Efficient HAVC-R Maintenance in Baton Rouge, LA

What Is All Included in HVAC-R Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance services not only keep your systems running more prolonged, but they also help you save money. Your HVAC-R system’s energy efficiency determines your monthly bills, and by keeping them clean and cared for, you can expect to keep those numbers as low as possible with the help of Thermal Solutions LLC. These services assist in leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible too. By cleaning them, we can remove any blockages which cause them to work harder and use more energy than needed. Here are some of the essential HVAC-R maintenance services you can expect from the Thermal Solutions team.

Changing Filters

If your filter is dirty or clogged, it can lower the efficiency of your system. As well you could be inhaling dirt, dust, and other dander it is unable to catch. We inspect this and replace it if needed. With a clean filter, you can ensure you have excellent indoor air quality and breathe easier. It’s one of the easiest maintenance services but does often go overlooked or forgotten.

Visual Inspection

At least once a year, our team will come to inspect the entire system to safeguard your system from having a breakdown in the middle of the hot Baton Rouge summer. During these inspections is where we catch most issues early on before they become major costly issues.

Removing Debris and Full Clean

Your filter isn’t the only place you’ll find problematic debris in your HVAC-R system. A thorough inspection helps your blowers, condensing units, and other critical moving parts from getting clogged with dirt, tree limbs, and other debris from preventing your system from performing its best.

Clearing Condensate Drain

If your air conditioner or heat pump becomes congested, it can spell big costs and lead to potential replacements. If left unattended, it also causes condensation buildup, which leads to mold and mildew. We flush and clean this portion of your HVAC-R system to help maintain your humidity levels as well.

Thermostat Check

Most modern thermostats are programmable to help manage how much you use the HVAC-R and save you money. We run diagnostics to ensure it is sticking to the temperature you set it for and will make adjustments as needed to the thermostat to pinpoint the issue with the HVAC-R system.

Tighten Electrical Connections and Output

Some major issues stem from loose electrical connections on your HVAC-R system. Inspecting and checking these connections is one of the first maintenance tasks we complete to help determine where the issue may originate. Our staff also checks for any frayed or exposed wires in case they need to be replaced.

Tighten Fuel Line Connections

Generally, you would smell this before your scheduled maintenance inspection, but we will check on them as well each time we visit. Leaking fuel is a major fire hazard, so we also include clean-up services if there was an issue with the connection.

Lubricate All Parts

Your HVAC-R systems have many different moving parts. If they become dried out, the friction caused can lead to a quick breakdown or potential fire. We remove, inspect, clean, and lubricate all these parts to prevent friction from happening during each visit. If we notice enough wear and tear, we suggest replacing the piece as well.

Maintain Refrigerant

Your air compressor needs refrigerant to keep your house cool and at the desired temperature accurately. If these levels aren’t maintained, the machine will be forced to work harder, lessening its efficiency and costing you more money in your monthly bills.

Thermal Solution HVAC Maintenance Truck in Baton Rouge, LA

24/7 Emergency HVAC-R Maintenance Services

Breakdowns, debris, and more can all affect your HVAC-R system when you least expect it. We understand accidents happen, but we also understand you need your HVAC-R system up and running to remain comfortable. When these incidents happen, reach out to our specialists and receive quick and efficient HVAC-R maintenance services.

Call Thermal Solutions Today for HVAC-R Maintenance and More!

Thermal Solutions LLC has been helping Baton Rouge and beyond stay on top of their heating and cooling systems for years with our HVAC-R maintenance services. Rely on us to show up and a few times a year to complete full inspections to safeguard you from more significant problems unexpectedly happening and leaving you either in the heat or cold. We have over 100 years of experience servicing these systems and know exactly what to look for to keep them running efficiently.

Think Cool. Think Thermal.