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Baton Rouge’s Residential HVAC-R Service Experts

There aren’t many things in life more uncomfortable than being in a Louisiana home without proper climate control. When the hot, humid summer days roll around, and it’s breaking 100 degrees, it’s an absolute nightmare to need an AC repair to get comfortable. The same applies when it’s winter, and you have inadequate heating, or your current HVAC-R system is malfunctioning. No matter what the situation is, Thermal Solutions LLC in Baton Rouge, LA is here to offer all the residential HVAC-R services you need. We also service surrounding parishes that need AC replacement or other HVAC-R services. Trust us to stay relaxed in your own home any time of year.

We train our team to be able to handle all makes and models. Regardless if you purchased your HVAC-R units from us or not, the Thermal Solutions team will handle all issues you and your family face with heating and AC repairs or replacement. Baton Rouge and neighboring parishes have come to respect our installation or repair services. From start to finish, we maintain a clean and orderly environment and are as non-intrusive as possible with our heating and AC replacement and repairs. Our thorough cleanup leaves no trace that we’ve been there. We guarantee you and your family will get back to living a comfortable life once we finish our work.

HVAC-R Professional Services in Baton Rouge, LA

HVAC-R Professionals You Can Trust

Thermal Solutions works hard to ensure your HVAC-R systems are fully functioning. There are many benefits to having a properly functioning heating and AC unit. Should you need an AC replacement or new heating unit, our service providers will walk you through different models to help find the perfect unit for you and your family’s needs. You can guarantee we will be doing everything in our ability to fix your existing one and won’t rely on tactics to get you to spend more money. We aim to build healthy relationships with our community and want you to trust Thermal Solutions when you need HVAC-R services.

Benefits of a Good HVAC-R System

Energy Efficiency

Perhaps the best reason to have a newer/modern HVAC-R system—you can save a substantial amount of money over the years by reducing your energy bills. Thermal Solutions will help you find the perfect heating or AC replacement when your older model has finally quit on you. We have financing available for those who qualify.

Better Appliance Lifespan

Routine maintenance with Thermal Solutions means fewer heating and AC repairs, which in turn means that the chance of needing to replace your HVAC-R system goes down.

Improved Results

Besides having more efficient heating or cooling, fans and air filters also distribute temperature more evenly in your home for increased comfort. We offer regularly scheduled appointments to ensure your HVAC-R system is operating at its full potential.

Our Residential HVAC-R Services

New HVAC-R System Installations

We carry only the best in the industry and can install a wide range of HVAC-R systems. From heaters and ACs to ventilation systems, Thermal Solutions will run you through the different options available and help you choose the one best for your home.

Heating/AC Repairs

In the event your heater or AC needs repairs, give us a call at any time for our emergency services. Our team is available for you 24/7. We service all makes and models—with over 100 years of combined experience, there’s nothing our professionally trained team hasn’t seen in Baton Rouge or the surrounding parishes.

HVAC-R Maintenance

Thermal Solutions helps your HVAC-R system last for years to come. Baton Rouge, LA has trusted us for the past decade. We’ll run a thorough, in-depth check to ensure everything is running as it should be and provide you with an easy-to-understand report, as well as recommendations for any heating or AC repairs.

24/7 Support

If you don’t see a residential HVAC-R service listed here, don’t worry—reach out to us, and we will see what we can do. From AC repairs to installations to replacements, we have you covered. And better yet, we provide 24/7 support for all HVAC-R emergencies in Baton Rouge, LA and all parishes surrounding the city. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we aim to make sure you receive nothing but top-quality A/C and heating services.

Think Cool. Think Thermal.