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Our Elite Furnace Replacement Services

Homeowners should always keep a close eye on the heating system. Unexpected shutdowns are not unexpected at all. Most of the time, they are entirely preventable or predictable. Thermal Solutions provides heating replacements to Baton Rouge, LA customers who need to install a new furnace or heat pump. Furnaces over 15 years old are nearing their expiration date, but there are other warning signs of impending furnace failure. For example, rising heating bills, frequent repairs, inconsistent temperatures, and loud noises indicate that it is time to look into a new heater. We offer 24/7 emergency service. If we determine you require a new unit, our talented crew members will replace the old one in record time.

Take Advantage of the Strengths of Modern Furnaces

As anyone with a smartphone can attest, technology moves at a rapid pace. So do furnaces. The improving thought and engineering that have gone into manufacturing modern furnaces have made the benefits of installing a new furnace undeniable. At Thermal Solutions, we work hard to provide a wide range of options to our customers, all of which present the following advantages:

Fuel Efficiency

Even in the past ten years, manufacturers have discovered new ways to make heaters more efficient and save homeowners money over the long run. Even if your furnace is still operating at its original efficiency rating, a brand-new unit’s annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) will be dramatically better. The furnaces are comparable in price, but the long-term savings are not even in the same league.

Safer Equipment

Several things can happen to a heater as it ages that potentially endanger families. For instance, condensation can corrode the casing surrounding the unit, leading to carbon monoxide leaks. New furnaces will not only feature brand-new manufacturing. Still, they will also come with safety features not found in older furnaces.

Enhanced Power

Efficiency is essential. But so is power – and new furnaces and heaters generate much more heating power than older models. This is important because it means the heater will not need to produce as much energy long-term to heat a home. Powerful heaters are more capable of handling colder temperatures than older, weaker ones. Replacing an old unit with a new one is a great way to rectify the problem.

Less Maintenance

Sometimes, the best thing to do is act quickly and be proactive. Purchasing a new furnace might seem like a significant expense, especially if the current one still works. But if the unit is older or is beginning to exhibit some of the common warning signs of heater failure, then it is worth replacing it now. By doing so, you will save yourself the trouble and expense of emergency repairs and maintenance as the winter progresses.

Heating Replacement Services in Baton Rouge, LA

We Work on a Wide Range of Heater Types

One way we deliver on our promise of superior furnace replacement services is by offering a comprehensive approach to HVAC-R services. Every home is different. Not only can we replace various makes and models, but our team members understand the differences between types of heaters. For instance, we know how to replace a gas-powered furnace without harming your home. But we are equally skilled at working with electric heaters and furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers. The thermostat is another crucial component of any heating system, and we understand traditional and programmable varieties. Our versatility is one of our most impressive strengths.

Heater Repair Installation in Baton Rouge, LA

We Perform Quick and Thorough Installations

Before we replace your heater, we want to ensure we can’t repair the problem. There are numerous conditions and circumstances which determine which course is best. Typically, younger units that haven’t been serviced often are candidates for repairs. However, if the heater is approaching 15 years old and we have performed frequent maintenance in the past few years, we’ll suggest a replacement. From there, we use your input to recommend a few options. We size the unit ourselves. That way, we can make sure we do not install a heater that is too big or small for your house or apartment building. Once we arrive on-site with the heater, we work quickly to limit interruptions to your life. Our speedy service is especially beneficial in the winter when the temperatures are already colder. In addition to speediness and thorough installation services, you can rely on us to provide honest and straightforward advice. If we feel a more affordable model will be the best choice for your home, we will not suggest a more expensive heater to boost our profits.

Contact Thermal Solutions to Learn Why We Lead the Pack

At Thermal Solutions, we deliver excellent customer service on every call. Each of our customers has benefited from the strength of our offerings. Because we are so experienced, we can develop and implement solutions no matter the job. We react quickly to complicated situations and find a manageable solution to problems that might flummox other HVAC-R professionals. Our expertise and access to state-of-the-art technology further solidify our role as Baton Rouge’s most trusted heating replacement contractor. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how installing a brand-new heater can improve your quality of life.

Think Cool. Think Thermal.