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Heater Repairs from Thermal Solutions LLC

Thermal Solutions LLC Keeps Baton Rouge, LA Warm

Having your heater repaired in Baton Rouge, LA may not be at the top of your list given the generally warm weather of our region. The winter nights, though, can get pretty low temperatures, and instead of being cold, make sure your heating works and get ahead of any issues by hiring Thermal Solutions LLC for heating repair. Residents and businesses have trusted our services in the area for years. They know our technicians come to their aid with over 200 years of combined experience. We also ensure they are licensed and certified to work on any make or model of heater. Trust our skills when your heater goes out and call us for preventative maintenance to safeguard yourself from accidents.

Our professional technicians can also help with all aspects of your HVAC-R system to make your home and office as comfortable as possible. Not only do we handle all necessary repairs and maintenance, but we can also assist with shopping for replacements and the installation of your new model. When shopping for a new heater or air conditioner, it would be wise to have our team assist you in getting the perfect fit for your space. Many homeowners don’t realize what is needed to maintain energy efficiency and keep their monthly bills as low as possible. Call us today to get all the answers you need and have your heater repaired quickly.

Heating Repair Services by Thermal Solution in in Baton Rouge, LA

Benefits of Having Thermal Solutions LLC On Your Side

When your home or office needs heater repairs, it’s best to contact Thermal Solutions LLC for help. We come equipped with the best tools for the job. We understand how to get the job done safely. There are plenty of dangers when working with a heater because of gas, electricity, and your pilot light. Here of some of the other benefits of hiring a professional as opposed to using YouTube and testing your DIY skills are below.

Quality Repairs

We ensure the heater repairs you need and complete them quickly and thoroughly. Patch-ups can lead to more significant problems down the road. They can also lead to more expensive repairs and premature replacements.

Preventative Maintenance

When we offer our heater repair services, we have the trained eyes to spot other issues that may occur later and can clue you in as to when we need to return. We can also prepare you for replacements by inspecting how the unit is functioning.

Safer Functioning

Your machine will also perform safer after we finish our heater repair services. We check connections, seals, and all other functions to ensure it is firing correctly. The untrained eye may not be able to notice these irregularities, which can lead to problems and other potential damage.

Affordable Heater Repair Services in Baton Rouge, LA

Signs You Need Thermal Solutions LLC for Heater Repairs

Your heater can give off signals when it needs repairs, and the Thermal Solutions LLC team is here to help explain these signs, so you can call our team to come out to your house whenever you need us. Once at your home or office, we are entirely transparent with the services required and the cost. You get a free estimate, and if you have any questions along the way, feel free to speak with our friendly technicians.

Strange Smells

The air passing through your vents shouldn't have a distinct smell after activating. If you begin to notice an aroma when the furnace turns on, give us a call. Our staff gets to work quickly, checking on the vents to make sure nothing is causing the smell in there and check up on the unit itself.

Odd Noises

There will be noises when your system keeps your house warm, but if you begin to hear clanking, banging, or knocking, it’s time to call on our team. We check the pipes and the unit itself to make sure there is no overwhelming rust or leaks and repair them quickly.

No Heat

If your heater stops producing heat altogether, we need to inspect the unit. There could be an issue with the pilot light, leaks, or problems with your ductwork. We can patch up leaks and holes, but we will also give an estimate on a replacement heater only if absolutely necessary.

Weak Air Pressure

This problem could stem from something as simple as needing to change the air filter but could also be something more significant with your vents or ductwork. Thanks to our experience, we can quickly discover the issues and fix them with our stellar heating repairs and maintenance services.

Call Thermal Solutions LLC Today for Heater Repairs

With over 100 years of combined experience among all of our licensed and certified technicians, you can trust Thermal Solutions LLC to get the job done right. We quickly get to work on your heater because we understand how uncomfortable the winter nights can get. It’s not often we rely on our heaters in Baton Rouge, LA, but when we need them, rely on our excellent customer service and heater repairs to keep your home cozy.

Think Cool. Think Thermal.